Colorado SHRM State Council Membership  


The MEMBERSHIP role of the Colorado SHRM State Council is to support the membership goals of SHRM and each of the six Colorado chapters. Another function is to help meet the needs of the individual SHRM members throughout the state and all other Human Resources professionals in Colorado who are not members of SHRM or SHRM chapters.

Boulder Area Human Resource Association (BAHRA)

Colorado Springs Soceity for Human Resources (CSSHRM)

High Country Human Resource Association (HCHRA)

Mile High SHRM (MH-SHRM) Denver Front Range

Northern Colorado Human Resources Association (NCHRA)

Western Colorado Human Resource Association (WCHRA)

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Some of the ways in which the state council assists SHRM and the chapters are described below:

  • Quarterly telephone conference calls with the chapter membership leaders to share ideas related to recruitment, retention, membership benefits and initiatives. In these calls we share best practices and ideas for improving how we serve the chapter members.
  • Special events hosted by chapters and the state council that are promoted to SHRM members in the state, members of other HR-related professional associations, and employers of all kinds in the chapter area to provide networking and professional development opportunities and to demonstrate how chapter and SHRM membership can provide value for HR professionals.
  • Providing free exhibit space for the chapters at the state human resources conference to help them communicate with potential members during the conference.
  •  Supporting a networking event during the annual SHRM International Conference at which the chapters have representatives to communicate with the SHRM members from Colorado who are participants in the event.

A new service from the Colorado SHRM State Council to serve SHRM, the state chapters, SHRM members in Colorado and all other HR people in the state is the Colorado Human Resources Yahoo!Group. This is an email forum in which all participants can communicate with the others by sending an email message to a single address. The forum provides an opportunity for participants to request ideas about how to handle situations at work, to seek referrals for trusted providers of services or consultants, to ask for clarification of new laws and regulations affecting human resources, to send a request for proposals, to engage in a discussion about best practices or alternatives for improving organizations, to share information about an event that might benefit others in the group, etc. The Yahoo!Group is open to all Human Resources people in Colorado and membership in SHRM and/or the SHRM chapters is encouraged but not required to participate in the forum.

In addition to the exchange by email messages, the CO-HR Yahoo!Group website also provides a Calendar where the state council, the chapters and other HR-related organizations can post their meetings and special events. This calendar allows the participants to know about professional and personal development opportunities throughout the state with a central location rather than having to check numerous websites! Another important feature of the website is a Files section where helpful articles, templates and other information is archived for easy access by all website visitors. There also is a Polls feature on the website that can be used to seek input from all participants.

To visit the CO-HR Yahoo!Group website:

To become a participant in the group visit the website and click on the Join This Group button or send an email message to:

For additional information about the SHRM Colorado State Council Membership area: contact Connie Pontarelli at 303-350-3556 or





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